A litany is a form of prayer whereby a leader speaks a series of petitions and the assembly replies with a set response. The most common liturgical litanies are the Kyrie eleison (Lord have mercy), the Oratio Fidelium (Prayer of the Faithful), and Agnus Dei (Lamb of God). Diaconal litanies, in which the deacon expresses a petition and the people respond are evident in the 4th century in the East. They were modified as they passed to the West. The Litanies of the Saints are a development of these earlier forms of liturgical litanies.

I have composed 49 litanies as a way of reframing this venerable form of prayer for the Church in the 21st century. They include mysteries of faith, saints, angels and victims associated with the ongoing renewal of the Church, Our Lady, one litany based on Pope John Paul II's encyclical "The Gospel of Life", and one litany of consolation based on the terrorist attacks of 9-11-01. Certain litanies are available in other languages as indicated below. If you would like to use any of these litanies, please contact Rev. Paul G. Mast (see contact page) for copyright permission.

  1. Litany For Our Lady of the Cenacle

  2. Litany For Our Lady of the New Millennium - (Available in Spanish)

  3. Litany For The Sabbath

  4. Litany For Advent/Christmas

  5. Litany of Blessed Junipero Serra

  6. Litany of Christ the King

  7. Litany of Consolation (9-11-2001) - (Available in Spanish)

  8. Litany of Divine Mercy

  9. Litany of Forgiveness - Women

  10. Litany of Fr. Michael McGivney

  11. Litany of God, the Benevolent Father

  12. Litany of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin

  13. Litany of Lent/Easter

  14. Litany of Our Lady of the Rosary

  15. Litany of Role Models for Fatherhood

  16. Litany of Saints & Victims

  17. Litany of St. Aloysius Gonsaga

  18. Litany of St. Andrew the Apostle

  19. Litany of St. Catherine of Siena

  20. Litany of St. Columba

  21. Litany of St. Edith Stein

  22. Litany of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

  23. Litany of St. Francis of Assisi

  24. Litany of St. Jean-Marie Baptiste Vianney - "Cure D'Ars" - (Available in Spanish)

  25. Litany of St. Jeanne Jugan

  26. Litany of St. Joan of Arc

  27. Litany of St. John XXIII

  28. Litany of St. Joseph - (Available in Spanish)

  29. Litany of St. Josephine Bakhita

  30. Litany of St. Katharine Drexel

  31. Litany of St. Lawrence - Deacon & Martyr

  32. Litany of St. Martin de Porres

  33. Litany of St. Martin of Tours

  34. Litany of St. Paul the Apostle

  35. Litany of St. Peter the Apostle

  36. Litany of St. Therese Couderc - (Available in French)

  37. Litany of St. Vincent de Paul

  38. Litany of the Blessed Trinity

  39. Litany of the Evangelists

  40. Litany of the Gospel of Life

  41. Litany of the Holy Angels

  42. Litany of the Holy Cross

  43. Litany of the Holy Family

  44. Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus

  45. Litany of the Holy Twins - Benedict & Scholastica

  46. Litany of the Homeless

  47. Litany of the Most Blessed Sacrament - (Available in Spanish)

  48. Litany of the Sacred Heart

  49. Litany to the Holy Spirit