Litany of St. Columba

(Feast Day - June 9th)
Written for the 45th anniversary of St. Columba's Parish in Oxon Hill, MD.

God of creation ----- Have mercy on us.
God of sinners ------ Have mercy on us.
God of saints -------- Have mercy on us.

Columba, born of royal descent in 521 --------------------- pray for us.
Columba, born in Donegal
Columba, baptized at Moville
Columba, educated at Leinster
Columba, ordained at Clonard
Columba, preacher at Ulster
Columba, founder of a monastery at Derry
Columba, founder of a monastery at Kells
Columba, embarrassed by a family feud
Columba, censured by the Synod of Telltown
Columba, converted pagans as penance

St. Columba, one of the 12 apostles of Ireland ----------- lead us to God.
St. Columba, evangelizer in Scotland -----------------------lead us to God.
St. Columba, founder of the Iona Community
St. Columba, gifted with holiness
St. Columba, known for austerity
St. Columba, poet and miracle worker
St. Columba, favored with angelic visions
St. Columba, died in 597 at age 77
St. Columba, patron saint of Scotland

Let us pray,
O God, you nurtured the faith in Ireland and Scotland with the preaching and witness of St. Columba. May the people of Oxon Hill catch the fire of his example and be inspired to evangelize and share the Catholic faith with all who are hurting, unchurched, and living unfulfilled lives. Use us to reverse a culture of death by the exciting ways we live and preach the one who is the gospel of life, Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

Composed by: Rev. Paul G. Mast
Protected by Copyright - © 2005