Litany of the Holy Angels

(Feast Day - September 29)

Abba God, Creator of Angels -------------------- All honor to you.
Son of God, served by Angels -------------------- All glory to you.
Spirit of God, sunlight of Angels ---------------- All praise to you.

Angels & Archangels, all you hosts of heaven ------------- Visit us with peace.
Angels & Archangels, creatures of the mystery of God -
Angels & Archangels, bound with humanity ---
Angels & Archangels, guardians of nations ----
Angels & Archangels, guardians of sanctuaries
Angels & Archangels, guardians of all people

All you Angels, obedient to God's word ------------ Overshadow us with hope.
All you Angels, messengers of the birth of Jesus
All you Angels, servants of Jesus
All you Angels, consolers at the resurrection of Jesus
All you Angels, rejoicing at the ascension of Christ
All you Angels, who worship and praise Christ

Archangel Michael, defender of God's honor -------- Protect us.
Archangel Michael, victorious over Satan------------- Protect us.
Archangel Michael, care-giver to the poor------------- Protect us.

Archangel Gabriel, interpreter of visions to Daniel --------- Surprise us.
Archangel Gabriel, messenger of good news to Mary ------- Surprise us.
Archangel Gabriel, who silenced Zechariah in the temple ---

Archangel Raphael, mentor to Tobias ---------------------------- Befriend us.
Archangel Raphael, teacher of prayer to Tobias & Sarah ---- Befriend us.
Archangel Raphael, God's power against demons ------------- Befriend us.

Uriel, angel of death who serves God ------------------------ Free us.
Uriel, who brought the soul of David into Paradise ------ Free us.
Uriel, who obeys God the giver of life ----------------------- Free us.

Let us pray:
Creator God, in a wonderful way you guard humanity with the ministry of the angels. May they serve you constantly in heaven and protect from all danger and demons those who live on the earth. Grant this prayer through the intercession of the Holy Angels who were messengers and servants of your Son, Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

Composed by: Rev. Paul G. Mast
Protected by Copyright - © 2004