Litany of St. Joseph

Composed for St. Joseph's Parish (Zephyrhills, FL) 3-19-99

Joseph, husband of Mary...........Intercede for us.
Joseph, foster-father of Jesus..........Intercede for us.
Joseph, New Testament promise keeper.......Intercede for us.
Joseph, capable woodworker
Joseph, sojourner to Bethlehem
Joseph, care-giver in Egypt
Joseph, seeker in Jerusalem
Joseph, family man in Galilee
Joseph, touched by many angels
Joseph, servant of God

Joseph of Nazareth, bless those who minister to unwed mothers
.....Inspire us to minister.
Joseph of Nazareth, protect those who seek a lost child
.....Inspire us to protect.
Joseph of Nazareth, care for those raising independent teenagers
.....Inspire us to care.
Joseph of Nazareth, befriend those who are friends of illegal aliens
.....Inspire us to befriend.
Joseph of Nazareth, encourage those who desire fatherhood
.....Inspire us to encourage.
Joseph of Nazareth, strengthen those who advocate family life
.....Inspire us to strengthen.
Joseph of Nazareth, sustain those who are believers in God's dreams
.....Inspire us to sustain.
Joseph of Nazareth, reverence those who are obedient to God's plans
.....Inspire us to reverence.
Joseph of Nazareth, guide those who desire intimacy with God
.....Inspire us to guide.
Joseph of Nazareth, nourish those who hunger for peace
.....Inspire us to nourish.

St. Joseph, a man of Compassion............Pray for us.
St. Joseph, a man of Justice.................Pray for us.
St. Joseph, a man of Contemplation
St. Joseph, a man who reverences all life
St. Joseph, a man filled with gentle strength
St. Joseph, a man in solidarity with the poor
St. Joseph, a man of hope for the unborn
St. Joseph, a man of intercession for the holy innocents
St. Joseph, a man with a spiritual life
St. Joseph, a man centered in the love of God

Let us pray,
Loving God, in Joseph, Son of David, you have given us an example of one who is a true servant of your Word. As a faithful Jew, his life echoes obedience to the Law of Moses. As a faithful parent, he cooperates with the Virgin Mary in enabling Jesus to grow and fulfill his calling as teacher, prophet and king. As a gentle servant, he is a role model for all who desire a more loving and passionate relationship with you. In honoring Joseph, we honor your Son, Jesus, through whom you are given all glory and praise, today and everyday, now and forevermore. Amen.

Composed by: Rev. Paul G. Mast
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