Litany of the Blessed Trinity

God the Creator ---------- Recreate us.
Jesus the Redeemer ------ Deliver us.
Spirit the Sanctifier ------- Renew us.

Abba God, creator of all things --------------------- Glory & Praise to You.
Abba God, giver of Paradise ------------------------
Abba God, companion in the Exodus
Abba God, author of the Covenant
Abba God, breath of our ancestors
Abba God, voice of the prophets
Abba God, sojourner with the exiled
Abba God, father of the Messiah
Abba God, pleased with your only Son
Abba God, source of our respect for life

Son of God, born of a virgin ------------------------- Be our life.
Son of God, star of wonder, star of night ---------
Son of God, who fled into Egypt
Son of God, who delighted Simeon & Anna
Son of God, who grew in obedience and wisdom
Son of God, baptized in the Jordan
Son of God, terrorized by Satan in the desert
Son of God, kissed by a sinful woman
Son of God, healer on a cross,
Son of God, a victim who is our hope

Spirit of God, co-author of the resurrection ---------- Empower us.
Spirit of God, the fire of Pentecost
Spirit of God, first evangelizer
Spirit of God, comforter of the oppressed
Spirit of God, voice of dialogue
Spirit of God, keeper of promises
Spirit of God, font of 7-fold gifts
Spirit of God, care-giver for victims
Spirit of God, freedom from fear
Spirit of God, sojourner in the new millennium

Let us pray,
O Triune God, your people are on a pilgrimage of faith. Walk with us as we journey toward living a fuller life with you in the new millennium. As a benevolent father, parent in us an ongoing desire to respect all you have created. As an obedient Son, teach us to reverence all life, reverse all injustice, value all as holy and sow peace in all hearts. As Spirit fire, purify our hearts of evil that we may harness the energy of your love and co-operate with you in making all things new. We give you glory every time we give our hearts in praise of you as the God of our past, our present and our future, today and everyday, now and forevermore. Amen.

Composed by: Rev. Paul G. Mast
Protected by Copyright - © 2004