Litany of Blessed Junipero Serra

(Feast day -  July 1)
(For the cause of his canonization)
The 10th anniversary of his Beatification to Sainthood

Biography as the call to holiness (Lumen Gentium, par. 39)

He was born November 24, 1713 on the Island of Majorca. He entered the Franciscan University at Palma at age 15, joined the Order at age 17, taking the name Junipero. He was ordained in 1737 and taught philosophy and theology at the Lullian University.

In 1749 he was sent to the missionary territories of western North America. Along with asthma from a mosquito bite early in his trip to the New World made walking painful. But, this did not deter him from making his journeys on foot. A tireless worker, he founded twenty-one missions, converted thousands of Native Americans and schooled many of them in the European methods of agriculture, cattle farming and crafts. As a missionary he lived an austere life nurtured by zeal for the gospel and self-denial. He died on August 28, 1784 of tuberculosis at Mission San Carlos and is buried at Carmel in Monterey, California. He is known as "the Apostle of California." Pope John Paul II declared him "Venerable" on May 9, 1985 and "Blessed" on September 25, 1988. The Serra Club, an International Catholic organization founded by laity in 1935 bears his name. It is chartered in 44 different countries and is dedicated to promoting and sustaining vocations to the priesthood, religious and missionary life.


God the Father, who calls missionaries to life------------------------Have mercy on us.
God the Son, who sustains missionaries with love-------------------Have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit, who empowers missionaries to witness------Have mercy on us.

Junipero Serra, a faithful priest --------------------------------------We praise you, God.
Junipero Serra, a humble theologian--------------------------------We praise you, God.
Junipero Serra, a passionate missionary----------------------------We praise you, God.
Junipero Serra, a model of simplicity--------------------------------We praise you, God.
Junipero Serra, an instrument of conversions----------------------We praise you, God.

Blessed Junipero Serra, apostle to the New World
Call us to be apostles.

Blessed Junipero Serra, founder of Catholic missions
Inspire us to be missionaries.

Blessed Junipero Serra, teacher of life skills to converts
Teach us to convert hearts.

Blessed Junipero Serra, preacher of the gospel
Encourage us to preach with our lives.

Blessed Junipero Serra, sojourner for spreading the faith
Companion us in our life mission.

Let us pray,
God of Missionaries, you blessed Junipero Serra with gifts for spreading the faith and founding missions in California. You used his voice to preach the gospel of life and his heart to reveal your presence so that thousands of Native Americans would come to faith then share it with others. Through Serra International inspire your priestly people today to respond to a vocation of gospel service as priests, religious and missionaries. May their courage and witness honor his legacy and assure the spreading of the kingdom of peace and justice to convert hearts and give your glory. We pray in the name of the Trinity and through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Vocations. Amen.

Composed by: Rev. Paul G. Mast
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