Litany of St. Jean-Marie Baptiste Vianney - "The Cure D'Ars"

(Feast Day - August 4)
In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of his canonization 5-31-25 and
The 40th anniversary of the Vatican II Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests - December 7, 1965

Biography as the Call to Holiness (Lumen Gentium par. 39)

John Vianney was born in the days of the terror of the French Revolution. He was baptized on his birthday, May 8, 1786. He was the 4th child of a prosperous father and a mother with enlightened faith. He was lulled to sleep by talk of guardian angels. From a young age he was burdened with learning disabilities while at the same time gifted with a vision for being a priest. His seminary studies were interrupted by conscription into the Army in 1809, but he later deserted. Following an amnesty in 1810 he returned home, completed his studies and was ordained a priest at age 29 on Aug. 13, 1815. His 41 year pastorate at Ars was interrupted three times for solitude. Initially scandalized by the complacent faith of his people, his fasting and prayers won them back to God with a renewed faith. He practiced modesty and asceticism in his lifestyle to battle the devil in his desire to pastor God's people. He died on 8-4-1859 at 73 years of age. He was declared Blessed by Pope Pius X on Jan. 8, 1905 and canonized a saint by Pope Pius XI on May 31, 1925.

A Litany of Courage & Hope for Priests in the Third Millennium

God, Father of the great high priest-----Love your priests
Jesus, the Good Shepherd---------Shepherd your priests
Holy Spirit the Comforter---------Comfort all priests

St. John Vianney, patron of parish priests........................Intercede for priests
St. John Vianney, reconciler of the people of God............Intercede for priests
St. John Vianney, patient and kind with the lost and forsaken
St. John Vianney, care for priests who struggle
St. John Vianney, heal priests who are hurting
St. John Vianney, comfort priests who are victimized
St. John Vianney, encourage priests to preach with courage
St. John Vianney, inspire priests to collaborate with their people
St. John Vianney, strengthen priests to embrace celibacy as a gift
St. John Vianney, nurture priests to celebrate with life the mysteries of faith
St. John Vianney, model for priests how to serve with a caring heart
St. John Vianney, unite priests in a brotherly bond with each other
St. John Vianney, unite priests with the laity in fulfilling the Church's mission
St. John Vianney, stir in priests the desire to give and receive affirmation
St. John Vianney, place priests under the protection of Mary, Queen of apostles

Let us pray,
O God, you are the source of a call to priesthood. You called St. John Vianney to tend your flock as pastor during the terror of the French Revolution. With a kind heart, he provided charity to poor travelers. As a renowned confessor, he was a gentle shepherd of souls in the sacrament of reconciliation. As a spiritual guide, he was endowed with humility, the science of the saints. Bless your priests today with all they need to tend your flocks amidst the terror and scandals of this age. With St. John Vianney as a model and intercessor, may your priests be renewed in the desire to serve you and the gospel of life with hearts that inspire others to serve as priests. We ask this in the name of Jesus, victim and priest, who lives and reigns with you forever and ever. Amen.

Composed by: Rev. Paul G. Mast
Protected by Copyright - © 2005