Litany of the Evangelists

God the Father, who created the Apostles -------------- Glory and Praise to You.
God the Son, who redeemed the Apostles --------------- Glory and Praise to You.
God the Holy Spirit, who renewed the Apostles ------- Glory and Praise to You.

St. Matthew - September 21 Feast Day

St. Matthew, son of Alpheus ----------------------------Help us to follow God.
St. Matthew, a tax collector
St. Matthew, called to follow Jesus
St. Matthew, author of the first gospel
St. Matthew, suffered martyrdom
St. Matthew, symbolized as all humanity

St. Mark - April 25 - Feast Day

St. Mark, cousin of Barnabas -------------------------- Encourage us to seek God.
St. Mark, companion on Paul's first missionary journey
St. Mark, first bishop of Alexandria
St. Mark, author of the second gospel
St. Mark, patron of Venice
St. Mark, symbolized as a lion

St. Luke - October 18 - Feast Day

St. Luke, a physician from Antioch ------------------------Inspire us to serve God.
St. Luke, companion on Paul's second missionary journey
St. Luke, author of the third gospel
St. Luke, author of the Acts of the Apostles
St. Luke, patron of painters & physicians
St. Luke, symbolized as on ox

St. John the Apostle - December 27 - Feast Day

St. John, son of Zebedee & Salome ----------------- Challenge us to reveal God.
St. John, fisherman at Lake Genesareth
St. John, witness to the Transfiguration
St. John, only disciple at the Crucifixion
St. John, author of the Book of Revelations
St. John, symbolized as an eagle

Let us pray,
God of apostles. You call people from all different walks of life to follow you. Give us the courage of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to evangelize a culture of death by living our lives as a gospel of life. We pray in the name of our good news, Jesus Christ the Lord who lives and reigns now and forever. Amen.

Composed by: Rev. Paul G. Mast
Protected by Copyright - © 2004