Litany of St. Therese Couderc

(Foundress - Religious of the Cenacle)
Commemorating the 200th anniversary of her birth (1805 - 2005)
(Available in French)

God of all women………………………..Be the desire of our hearts
God of all mystics………………………..Embrace us in wonder
God of all saints………………………….Fire our lukewarm spirits

Child of God born in La Mas, France on Feb. 1, 1805……….Blessed be God.
Child of God baptized Marie Victoire on Feb. 2, 1805………..Blessed be God.
Marie Couderc, oldest daughter of Claude & Anne
Marie Couderc, second of ten children
Marie Couderc, made First Communion on Pentecost 1815
Marie Couderc, began formal education at age 17
Marie Couderc, met Fr. Stephen Terme in 1825
Marie Couderc, shared her desire for religious life at a parish mission
Marie Couderc, joined the Sisters of St. Regis in Jan. 1826
Marie Couderc, made first vows in 1827
Sister Therese, co-founded the Religious of the Cenacle in 1828
Sister Therese, made final vows in 1837 as Mother Therese

Mother Therese, for your gift of the vision of GOODNESS……Thank you God
Mother Therese, for your gift of gospel poverty………………...Thank you God
Mother Therese, for your gift of abiding trust in God
Mother Therese, for your gift of a deep love of God
Mother Therese, for your gift of surrender to God
Mother Therese, for your gift of your spirit of humility
Mother Therese, for your gift of embracing the cross of Christ
Mother Therese, for your gift of being always animated by the Holy Spirit
Mother Therese, for your gift of an apostolic spirit
Mother Therese, for the grace to receive with you the fulfillment of union with God
Mother Therese, who died at the Lyons Cenacle on Sept. 26, 1885 in peace.

Venerable Therese, so named by Pope Pius XI on May 12, 1935…pray for us.
Blessed Therese, so named by Pope Pius XII on Nov. 4, 1951……pray for us.
St. Therese, canonized by Pope Paul VI on May 10, 1970
St. Therese, Foundress of a Retreat Ministry
St. Therese, model of prayer
St. Therese, model of gospel service
St. Therese, model of the call to holiness
St. Therese, model for loving the Good God

Let us pray,
O Good God, in St. Therese Couderc, you have given the Church a woman for all times and for all souls who hunger for a fullness of life that only you can satisfy. Animate in us the desire for her humble and apostolic spirit, so that we may join her in finding your goodness all around us. Through her intercession may the Church in this new millennium find in her a saint who can teach us how to surrender more of ourselves to you in order to find more of you in ourselves. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ who was the Divine lover she embraced to conform her life to the Divine good pleasure, your Son who lives and reigns with you for ever. Amen.

Composed by: Rev. Paul G. Mast
Protected by Copyright - © 2005