Litany of St. Martin of Tours

Composed for the 125th anniversary of
St. Martin of Tours Parish in Manchester, NH in 2007.

Autobiography as Spirituality

Martin of Tours was born in Lower Hungary before Easter in 317. His father was an officer in the army. Both parents were pagans. He moved with his parents at a young age to the Loire valley region of France where Tours is located. Animated with the spirit of God, at the young age of ten, he enrolled as a catechumen. At fifteen years of age, he entered the cavalry since sons of veterans were obliged to bear arms. After converting his mother to the faith he became a disciple of St. Hilary of Poitiers who ordained him on Nov. 11, 356. Two miracles flamed his virtuous reputation and on July 3, 371 he was consecrated the third Bishop of Tours. He founded the famous Abby of Marmoutier from which many bishops were chosen and consecrated. He was zealous in abolishing all practices of idolatry in Tours. During a pastoral visit to settle a clergy dispute in an extreme part of his diocese in the Loire valley he was stricken with a fatal sickness and died on Nov. 3, 397.

God the Father, who fathered Martin of Tours to faith, Lord have mercy.
God the Son, who formed in Martin a heart for priestly service, Christ have mercy.
God the Holy Spirit, who animated Martin for evangelization, Lord have mercy.
St. Martin, blessed with a heart full of charity and compassion, Pray for us.
St. Martin, whose heart was crucified by rejection of this world, Pray for us.
St. Martin, whose heart was full of love of heavenly things, Pray for us.
St. Martin, who shared half of his cloak with a beggar, Pray for us.
St. Martin, who kissed, blest and healed a leper, Pray for us.
St. Martin, who rejoiced at the many pagans who converted to Christ, Pray for us.
St. Martin, who disarmed Satan with humility, Pray for us.
St. Martin, who abolished the worship of idols, Pray for us.
St. Martin, who discipled many priests and bishops, Pray for us.
St. Martin, who worked many miracles, Pray for us.

Let us pray,
O God of converts who become spiritual leaders in Martin of Tours you have given the Church an example of one whose loving heart placed at the service of the gospel led many to Christ. Inspire people today to evangelize with his passion for Christ so that those today who are lost or searching, who are hurting or wounded, who are complacent or lazy, may embrace, with converted hearts, the gospel of Jesus who gives life to the full. We pray through Christ our Lord who is the gospel of life today and everyday, now and forevermore. Amen.

Composed by: Rev. Paul G. Mast
Protected by Copyright - © 2005