Mark Twain died in 1910. But his humor, comedic insights and genuine wisdom live on. His legacy is alive every time someone quotes one of his celebrated intuitions, or references him in a lecture, a book or a dissertation. Actor Hal Holbrook brought him to life for 60 years with his award-winning performance of “Mark Twain Tonight.”

Author Paul Mast will take a bow performing “Mark Twain 2.0.” He will bring to life a magical and modern-day version of the witty and legendary man from Missouri. Mast presents Twain, as an Oracle returning from The Beyond, to remind us why, even in the 21st century, he is still our greatest American storyteller. Using modern social media, #movements, current political issues, news pundits, and religious institutions, Mast will grab and transform the imaginations of audiences to harness new energy for being disciples of “The Mark Twain School of Humor.”

This performance is 90-minutes in length.

For upcoming performances, please see Upcoming Schedule

Blake Mompher is a 5-year-old from Ohio diagnosed with spina bifida and hydrocephalus from birth. He was determined to walk on stage for his preschool graduation. Thanks to his mother's coaching and Blake's perseverance he did just that. One little guy can make America great! You earned the hat, Blake. Wear it proudly.

Kelli & Matt Cameron asked their wedding guests to fill a backpack full of school supplies instead of buying them wedding gifts. Each invitation asked guests to customize their backpack for a boy or girl of a specific grade. They donated 70 backpacks to Booker T. Washington School in Tampa to needy students. The kindness of Kelli & Matt Makes America Great!

Lindell Lyons may only be 9 years old but on Thursday August 15, 2019 he was calm, cool and collected as the 911 dispatcher coached him to help his mother deliver his baby sister. Little citizens like Lindell Make America Great!

Coach Rob Mendez was born May 9, 1988 with a rare congenital disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome that's characterized by the absence of arms and legs. He has defied all odds and is thriving. He is mobile thanks to a motorized chair he controls with his head and neck. He has taken classes at San Jose City College and is currently the varsity football coach at Prospect High School in Saratoga, CA. He is the kind of citizen that Makes America Great!

"Hailey and Zaria Willard" make Delaware look good, and thus, make America Great! A month ago they were featured as the "America Strong" story on ABC Nightly News. After that came an appearance on GMA. Following the example of their mom, they have begun to fashion a legacy by reading bedtime stories on Facebook. I say, "You go girls!"

At their young ages, I am sure they haven't gotten around to reading Mark Twain yet. But, as a one-man performer of Mark Twain 2.0 I wish to reward them for their efforts in promoting the art of storytelling. I will be giving a performance of Mark Twain 2.0 on Thursday Oct. 24 at 7pm at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover, DE. At the end of every performance I acknowledge local people whose kindness and imagination "Make America Great." That evening I hope to present the two caps to these local celebrity-storytellers. I will look for you in the audience. In the meantime, ask your mom to school you in the history of America's greatest storyteller - Mark Twain.

The Gill Brothers of Washington, D.C., Colin, age 13, Ryan 10 and Austin 8 are young for entrepreneurs. It wasn't in the cards for them to be business owners of a new candle business until their mother, Celena, awakened their imaginations. They asked her for more allowance money to buy video-games and toys. Her response pushed them to "think-outside-the-box." The result is that they produce their own candles which they ship in boxes. Their business is called Freres Branchiaux.

Their brotherly ingenuity and care for others, by sharing profits, is what makes America great. As the performer of a one-man show, Mark Twain 2.0, I wish to share some of my imagination with them. At the end of my show, I highlight people who make America great by their kindness. These three caps will be sent to the Gill Brothers in appreciation for not just starting a candle business, but sharing the inner light of their goodness with others. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Gill for raising sons who have become lighthouses to others.

On June 5, 2019, Mrs. Catherine Ritchie, who lived in the same house in Sapulpa, Oklahoma for 58 years was surprised when these four teenage boys rescued her from her burning home. On July 1, 2019, their hometown honored them as hero's. At that time they were presented with four caps, with their individual names, highlighting them as people who MAKE AMERICA GREAT.  Their names are Wyatt Hall (17), Dylan Wick (16), Seth Byrd (16), and Nick Byrd (14).

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