It's Christmas 1870 in London, England and Ebenezer Scrooge has died.  Bob Cratchit, his wife Alice and their children, Peter, Martha and Tim have all given eulogies.  Have you ever wondered what happened to the Cratchit family after Charles Dickens wrote the final page of “A Christmas Carol” in December 1843?  Wondering the same thing, author Paul Mast has crafted a Christmas story that begins with the funeral of Ebenezer Scrooge then brings to life new stories of Bob Cratchit, his wife Alice, and their children. Through each character’s flashbacks to their respective ties with the spiritually transformed Mr. Scrooge, Mast shapes an inspiring account of how the legendary radical Christmas Eve conversion influenced the shared blessings and tragedies the Cratchit family experienced in the following years.  The author’s imagination will tease your own as you befriend illusory but authentic characters brought to life for the purpose of inspiring readers young and old to “keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year through.”

“A Cratchit Family Christmas” is set in late Victorian England.  As Dickens did, Mast brings his own imagination to bear on the formidable social issues of the period. Then he leads the reader through the traditions that the Cratchit family cultivated with an eye to changing their neighborhood, and the world, through their religious values, hopeful vision and strong perseverance.  The family candidly shares their adopted “Uncle Ebenezer” with us, leaving a trail of light for others to follow at Christmas and, throughout the year.

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Suzanne presents a copy of Paul Mast's "A Cratchit Family Christmas" to Gerald Dickens, the great-great-grandson of "A Christmas Carol" author Charles Dickens  in Liverpool, Great Britain where he was starring in a production of the original classic tale.